Pour Over is an easy and gentle brew method, and it’s one of our favourites. It produces a beautifully clean and flavorful cup of coffee.

Step 1 – Prepare to Brew

Start with at least ½ litre of fresh filtered water (not tap water) and bring to the boil. While waiting for the water to boil, fit the filter paper in the cone and rinse with hot water to warm your cup and cone.

Step 2 – Grind the Beans

Your freshly ground coffee should be finer than a plunger setting but coarser than espresso. Put your ground coffee in the filter-lined cone and place the cone on your warm cup.

Step 3 – Bloom and CO2 Off-gas

If you have scales, place the cup and cone setup on the scales. Start by pouring enough water to cover the coffee, about twice the weight of the coffee (in this case, 30g of water). Leave the fresh coffee to “bloom” for about 30 seconds. This allows the coffee to de-gas and arrange itself into an even bed, encouraging an even extraction.

Step 4 – Brew

Pour water slowly in a circular motion, to bring the total amount of water to 265g. If you aim to finish pouring at the 2-minute mark, you’ll have a total brew time of 2:45. And you’re done!

Quick Guide

+ 15g of freshly ground coffee

+ 265g (or 265ml) of boiled hot water

+ 2:45 mins total brew time